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Travel to India

The tale of a fascinating experience...

Welcome to the weirdest and most wonderful country, dream of all travellers : India.

I've travelled twice to India, for a total of 5 months. The first time was from February to mid-April 2000. I've travelled from Dehli to Bombay, via the Rajasthan and the Gujarat, then back from Bombay to Dehli through the central Indian states of Maharashtra, Madya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.
My second trip dates back from end of January to mid April 2001. After a stop-over a few days in Bombay, I continue to Chennai (Madras), the Tamil Nadu, Kerala, then up again to the Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, East to Orissa and Bengal (Calcutta), 10 days in Nepal, then back to Varanasi and Dehli.
Here is the tale of my journeys to India.

Taj Mahal in Agra

Indian Rupees

Girls in the ruins of Chittaurgarh Fortress

Phantom Capital of Orchha

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